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Karolina Fund

Karolina Fund is a crowdfunding platform based in Iceland that was founded in 2012. It operates as a reward-based crowdfunding platform, primarily focusing on the art industry. As a reward-based platform, investors contribute funds to creative projects in exchange for non-financial rewards, such as exclusive access to the completed project or special merchandising. The platform has gained significant popularity in Iceland as a means to raise funds for various creative endeavors, ranging from circus tents to new media projects. It serves as a hub for talented individuals and organizations seeking financial support to bring their artistic visions to life. Karolina Fund is available to both personal and corporate investors, allowing anyone interested in supporting creative projects to contribute as little as 10 EUR. This low minimum investment threshold makes it accessible to a wide range of potential investors. The platform is primarily in Icelandic, which caters to the local community and aligns with its roots in Iceland. This language-centric approach ensures clear communication and enhances understanding within the local context. Despite not advertising a specific financial return on investment, Karolina Fund provides an opportunity for individuals and companies to contribute to the thriving art scene in Iceland and supports the growth of unique and innovative creative projects. With its user-friendly website accessible at, the platform offers a convenient and secure environment for investors to support the artistic endeavors they are passionate about.