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Lendermarket is a crowdfunding platform based in Ireland that specializes in P2P lending. The platform allows individuals and institutions from around the world to invest in loans issued by digital consumer finance companies in various European countries. Lendermarket primarily focuses on three industries: real estate, SME, and personal loans. Founded in 2019, Lendermarket offers its services in multiple languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. The platform's website provides more details about its operations and investment opportunities. Investors can start with a minimum investment of 10 EUR and enjoy an advertised return of 15.26%. Lendermarket emphasizes the careful selection of loan issuers to ensure the quality and reliability of investment opportunities. Lendermarket welcomes both individual investors and companies to participate in their platform. Individual investors need to meet certain criteria, such as being at least 18 years old, having a personal bank account in the European Economic Area, UK, or Switzerland, and completing a successful identity verification process. Organizations, including family trusts, partnerships, and limited liability companies, are required to have a bank account in the EEA, UK, or Switzerland. Potential investors should review the dropdown menu in the registration form to confirm if their country of residency and tax residency is included in the platform's offerings.

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card iconWe invite both individuals and companies to invest through the Lendermarket platform. Individual investors are required to:– be at least 18 years old,– have a personal bank account in the European Economic Area, UK or Switzerland,– and have their identity successfully verified by the Lendermarket team.Family trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other organizations must have a bank account in the EEA, UK or Switzerland.Please check the dropdown menu in the registration form to confirm if your country of residency and tax residency is included.

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Homunity is a crowdfunding platform based in France, founded in 2014 by Quentin Romet, Arnaud de Vergie, and Charles Teytaud. It specializes in real estate crowdfunding and aims to carefully select the projects it invests in. The platform allows both individual and corporate investors to participate in real estate projects. Homunity's website is available in both French and English, catering to a wider audience. The minimum investment required to participate on the platform is 1,000 EUR, making it accessible to a range of investors. One of the key features of Homunity is the advertised return of 9.20%, which offers a potentially attractive investment opportunity. Investors can review the projects available on the website and choose the ones they are interested in based on their investment goals and preferences. For individual investors, creating an account on Homunity is straightforward. However, for corporate investors, a "Professional" account must be created, and supporting documents are required. These documents include a Kbis (a French company registration document) issued within the last three months, articles of association of the company, the identity document of the manager, and a declaration of the economic beneficiaries. Overall, Homunity provides a user-friendly platform for individuals and corporate investors to participate in real estate crowdfunding projects, with the potential for attractive returns.

Industry:Real estate
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Unbolted P2P for Luxury Assets

Unbolted P2P for Luxury Assets is a crowdfunding platform based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2015, the platform offers P2P lending opportunities in the personal loans industry. With a focus on luxury assets, Unbolted allows individuals to invest in loans backed by high-value possessions held by the platform. The platform primarily operates in English, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. Their website, located at, provides comprehensive information about their services, investment options, and terms. One of the notable features of Unbolted is its low minimum investment requirement of just 1 EUR, allowing investors with different budgets to participate. The platform advertises a return of 0.09, which implies a potential yield on investments. Investing on Unbolted provides an opportunity to earn a favorable return on investment by lending against luxury assets, thus diversifying one's investment portfolio. Unbolted welcomes investors from various backgrounds, providing an inclusive investment environment. Whether individuals are new to crowdfunding or experienced investors, Unbolted offers a platform for individuals looking to lend against luxury assets and potentially earn competitive returns. Overall, Unbolted P2P for Luxury Assets is a UK-based crowdfunding platform that facilitates P2P lending in the personal loans industry. With its focus on luxury assets and inclusive investment options, the platform offers an attractive opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to invest and diversify their portfolios.

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Debitum Network

Debitum Network is a crowdfunding platform based in Lithuania that specializes in peer-to-peer lending for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Founded in 2017, Debitum Network offers an independent and decentralized financing ecosystem that connects businesses with capital to meet their financing and growth needs. The platform focuses on providing businesses with an alternative financing solution, utilizing modern technology to streamline the lending process. Debitum Network boasts transparency and aims to create a fair and open environment for all participants. Investors can participate in P2P lending on the platform, with a minimum investment of 500 EUR. The advertised return for investments on Debitum Network is 9.97%, which makes it an attractive option for individuals and companies looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Debitum Network welcomes both personal and corporate investors, providing them with the opportunity to support SMEs and earn returns on their investments. Through the platform, investors can contribute to the growth and development of businesses in various sectors. To learn more about Debitum Network or to get involved in P2P lending, interested individuals can visit their website at

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Flockeo Funding

Flockeo Funding is a crowdfunding platform based in France that focuses on social causes. Founded in 2019, it provides an avenue for passionate and committed individuals or organizations to support projects addressing global challenges. The platform operates on a donation-based investment model, where individuals and corporations can contribute any amount starting from a minimum investment of 1 unit. Flockeo Funding aims to promote concrete sustainable actions by supporting projects with vibrant ideas that bring real added value to the world. The platform is available in both French and English, catering to a wider audience and encouraging international participation. The website,, serves as the primary platform for project creators and investors to connect and collaborate. While the platform does not disclose any advertised return on investments, the primary focus is on supporting social causes rather than personal financial gain. Flockeo Funding welcomes both personal and corporate investors who are interested in making a positive impact and supporting projects that align with their values. Overall, Flockeo Funding offers a platform for individuals and corporations to contribute to projects that address global challenges and promote sustainable actions. It connects passionate individuals with project leaders who require support to turn their vibrant ideas into reality. By fostering collaboration and support, Flockeo Funding aims to create a positive impact on society and the environment.

Industry:Social cause
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Berlin Recycling Crowd

Anyone can invest in Berlin Recycling Crowd as long as they meet the minimum investment requirement of 1 EUR. This crowdfunding platform focuses on social causes and aims to promote young talent in the Berlin and Brandenburg region of Germany. It was founded in 2017 and operates primarily in the German language. Berlin Recycling Crowd offers donation-based investment opportunities, meaning investors contribute funds without expecting a monetary return. While the platform does not advertise a specific financial return, investors are able to support and contribute to the development and success of young talents in the region. The platform serves as a bridge between talent and funding, connecting promising individuals with individuals or organizations who wish to support their artistic or innovative endeavors. By bringing together artists, entrepreneurs, and other talented individuals with potential investors, Berlin Recycling Crowd fosters creativity, innovation, and social impact in the community. With its user-friendly website, individuals interested in supporting creative and innovative projects in Berlin and Brandenburg can easily navigate and contribute to the platform. Berlin Recycling Crowd provides an accessible and inclusive space for all who wish to invest in and support young talent, making a positive impact on the local community.

Industry:Social cause
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SaveLend is a crowdfunding platform based in Sweden that specializes in peer-to-peer lending for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Founded in 2014, SaveLend provides individuals and companies the opportunity to invest in credit and make money like big banks do. Previously, this form of investment was only accessible to a select few, but SaveLend has made it accessible to the public through peer-to-peer loans. SaveLend operates primarily in Sweden, but also caters to English and Finnish speaking individuals and businesses. Their website, available at, provides information and services in these three languages. Investing on SaveLend requires a minimum investment of 2,000 EUR. Although the advertised return is 0,08, it is important to note that this may vary depending on the specific loans available on the platform. SaveLend accepts investments from both personal and corporate investors, allowing a wide range of individuals and businesses to participate in this crowdfunding opportunity. Overall, SaveLend aims to democratize investment opportunities and bridge the gap between borrowers and lenders, allowing individuals and companies to participate in the credit market and earn returns through peer-to-peer lending.